kidsLet’s face it, we love our kids and pets from Florida all the way to Ireland but at the end of the day….our kiddos are bound to make messes!!¬† ūüôā

Juice spills, milk, cookie crumbs….water balloons in the house (ughhh) are all messes we come across from those loveable creatures we call our children….next concern THE FLOORS!

Don’t worry Tricolor Flooring offers a fabulous line of kid proofing floor that can cover all the basis of spills because it’s 100% WATERPROOF and comes with a residential lifetime warranty.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring also known as short term in the industry LVF, gives a homeowner the look of wood (even some tile resemblences) and the feel of wood with the endurance of tile.  Did I mention 100% WATERPROOF???  Go ahead and spill that kool-aid because liquids can not penetrate through the floor! Awesome stuff!

Luxury Vinyl Planking is also scratch and scuff resistant (NOT scratch proof) and floats on a 3-in-1 pad….the pad is packed with a sound barrier, moisture barrier and the durable pad¬†to¬†give your floor a¬†little give and can lay on top of some imperfective subfloors.

Give Tricolor Flooring a call TODAY 813-645-1201 for a FREE estimate on LVF flooring

Tricolor¬†Flooring -”¬†Where Our¬†Quality and Prices Will FLOOR¬†You!”


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