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 ​Getting the Right Flooring at the Right Price

Tricolor Flooring does business with the following collection of flooring companies listed below. We have installed most of those products from manufacturers on our list over the years. After installing and evaluating the flooring, we decide whether to add the new companies and/or to keep an old one on our list.

Our customer feedback weighs heavily on our assessment of the flooring product and whether to keep it on the list. The customer’s satisfaction with the product is of paramount importance to us. At Tricolor Flooring, the customer always comes first. Hence, if the total results are excellent, we will continue recommending the flooring product, which will stay on the list.

Tricolor Flooring purchases a variety and a large volume of flooring from our suppliers, distributors, and individual manufacturers at the best prices possible from our list. We only install quality flooring products from reputable name-brand flooring manufacturers. To determine if a company should be on our list, the flooring must look good, and it must be at a level between good quality to a very high-quality product that’s durable and fits your budget.

 All you have to do is select the flooring from our list of manufacturers; we ensure you get the best quality and price for your flooring projects.

No Hassle, Fast and EasyTricolor Flooring handles the whole project.

You Select the Flooring, and We Do the Rest

When Tricolor Flooring does the rest, we do the following:

    • We purchase the product at the best price and pass the saving on to you
    • Handle all the shipping and have it delivered to the work-site
    • We provide any design or layout enhancement you want
    • We remove the old floor
    • We prepare the sub-flooring
    • We install the new floor
    • We clean up and remove all debris
    • We get your approval and perform any corrective action
    • We guarantee our craftsmanship for one year
    • We fully support the manufacturer’s warranty of up to 40 years or a lifetime, depending on the manufacturer’s product.
    • We are always available for repairs in the future

Viewing the flooring from our list of manufacturers will give you a good indication of what to expect after Tricolor Flooring designs and installed your floor(s). Our owner and founder Ian Martin has personally installed or supervised the installation of literally tens of thousands of floors and he decides which companies go on the list below.

Tricolor Flooring guarantees your floor is designed and installed to your specifications with our old-world superior craftsmanship. We earn our reputation by perfectly installing the best quality flooring to fit our customer’s budget.

Tricolor Flooring is famous for providing  world-class service you didn’t expect to receive  in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Click on any of the links below to view the Flooring Products that companies will provide us for your flooring project.


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