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Tricolor Flooring is Your Wholesale Source of Top-brands for Quality Flooring to Match Your Decor and Budget

Durability to Last a Life-Time.

tricolor flooring showroom

Our Showroom has a large selection of flooring

Tricolor Flooring Showroom provides customers the best prices on beautiful flooring that will last a lifetime with the proper care. Tricolor Flooring complements its selections of top brands and high-end quality flooring products with its Master Craftsman service of superior installation. We take pride in producing flawless installations that have a world-class appearance with precision designs, balanced borders, and harmonious patterns without shortcuts.

Tricolor Flooring’s products are not for everyone – we don’t sell low-grade or cheap flooring. For about the same price as the so-called cheap flooring, you can get good quality flooring that will outperform the cheap stuff on looks and durability. Why spend your hard-earned money on cheap flooring that will have to be replaced in a short period of time and eventually will end up looking terrible? It’s not worth the hassle of wasting your time and money to go cheap.

Tricolor Flooring is built on a cornerstone of Quality — this comes from our founder and owner, Ian Martin. He is a Master Craftsman, educated in Ireland at a young age by the old world methods on building construction and flooring. Ian has strong convictions about performing a quality flooring job 100% of the time. Ian stakes his good family name and his reputation on providing excellent service — each flooring job is personally supervised and inspected by him to positively ensure each flooring installation is done in accordance with Ian’s demanding Tricolor Flooring Standard of Excellence.

Tricolor Flooring does the job right the first time and we back up each installation with our 2 year warranty on all installation issues and workmanship and in addition, we personally handle the manufacturer warranty on your behalf for all the flooring you purchase through us. If you are looking for quality, your search is over. Tricolor Flooring provides flooring excellence at a price you don’t expect for all your flooring needs.

Tricolor Flooring Showroom

Tricolor Flooring Show Sign

Tricolor Flooring – Wood Flooring, Carpet and Tile

Tricolor Flooring is experienced in a variety of different flooring categories and floor construction. We provide prompt and friendly service, expert advice, and guidance on flooring products and brands. We will help you select quality flooring that fits your decor, style, and character of the room and your budget. Tricolor Flooring specializes in all types of flooring from wood, carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile to stone flooring.

Free Consultation to Help You Select the Right Flooring for Your Decor and Budget

tricolor flooring tile by premier collection

Premier Collection of tile samples

We opened our Tricolor Flooring Showroom in Ruskin, Florida to provide the same valuable free consultation we previously gave to help our customers select quality flooring at the best prices possible. Tricolor Flooring uses its relationships with wholesalers and manufacturers for high-end and quality flooring to obtain a range of discounts from 10% to 30% depending on the brand and grade specifications. Our showroom is the perfect place for you to get free advice and guidance about design, construction, and durability. We will work with you to realize your plans and give you the time to browse, examine and touch an assortment of different samples and ask questions. Also, we provide a shop in-home service and bring the flooring samples to your house to view in the room you intend to change with new flooring.

Our first step is to ensure you select the flooring you want at the best price possible. Sometimes the choices of quality flooring are overwhelming. We find choosing the right flooring is the most difficult part of the process even though we provide assistance and guidance.

Mohawk SmartStrand Sample of Colors

Mohawk SmartStrand Sample of Colors

At Tricolor Flooring Showroom, we have some control over the amount of discount we can offer our customers. In most cases, our profit margin on the flooring is razor-thin, when you choose to have Tricolor Floor do the entire project. We offer a single Complete Package Price for the whole project that consists of the flooring you select, all construction materials, and the complete labor to perform our famous expert installation. We have extensive experience and expertise in floor design, patterns, borders, sub-floor preparation, installation, repair, refinishing, and renewals.

We Plan Your Flooring Project from Start to Finish and Do the Complete Job:

  • Sales Consultation & Flooring Selection
  • Bill of Materials
  • Ordering and Delivery of all Materials to the worksite
  • Design and Flooring Layout
  • Subflooring Preparation & Construction
  • Design, Flooring Placement & Complete Implementation
  • Woodwork, Floor & Crown Molding, etc.
  • Clean-up
  • Final Walkthrough with you

We make it easy for our customers to save them time and money. Tricolor Flooring performs what we call a Double-Quality Job that’s composed of quality flooring and quality installation at a good discount. Our Master Craftsman installation services will evaluate the infrastructure by examining the room in detail. For more information regarding our installation click on Tricolor Flooring Does The Whole Job.

Up to 30% Off of Retail Prices

Tricolor Flooring's assortment of floor samples in a rack

Our assortment of laminate flooring can appear as different types of wood

Tricolor Flooring gets flooring from wholesalers and manufacturers that we have a long-term relationship. We buy our flooring at wholesale prices and add a small carrying charge and pass on large savings to our customers. Our flooring pricing is based on razor-thin margins that are used to cover handling, administration, and expenses. The results are big savings from 10% to 30% off retail prices on high-grade and quality flooring. Our purpose is to handle your whole flooring project with excellence and make it extremely easy for customers to get their flooring project done as quickly as possible. Tricolor Flooring projects consist of selection, purchase, delivery, and installation at one single reasonable price. We remove the middleman from the process. You save money with our single Complete Package Price that includes: the flooring you select, all construction materials, and the installation. We will save you money because we have very little markup on our quality flooring and provide unsurpassed quality installation services with the flooring product.


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Tricolor Flooring offers Flooring Quality at a Reasonable Price

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