How Do You Select a First-Class Flooring Contractor?

Here’s what to look for to get a Competent Flooring Contractor.

There is no Florida state occupational license to recognize a “Master Craftsman” of flooring.

So, how do you choose someone to do your floor project the right way?

Look for the following:

  • Qualifications
  • Standards & Practices
  • Experience & Expertise
  • Actual Work Performed

shamrock the symbol of Irish pride for the owner Iran MartinWhat are the Individual’s Qualifications?

Floor installation is a trained craft. You want an installer who graduated from a trade school with plenty of hands-on training.

Ian Martin was trained in the old world tradition. The best craftsmen are trained in Europe by the old world tradition of instructions and practice (that includes Apprenticeship, Journeyman, and Master levels). This type of training has been recognized for over 800 years as the best way to certify:

  • Competency
  • Skill attainment
  • Practical experience
  • Ability to perform professional work

shamrock the symbol of irish pride for the owner Iran MartinWhat are Standards and Practices followed?

Very few American Societies or Associations are devoted solely to the craft of flooring installation standards or practices. Look for a company that publishes written criteria of workmanship or how it stands behind the work it does.

Tricolor Flooring developed its own set of standards based on old-world traditions. Click on Tricolor Flooring Standards of Excellence to learn more.

shamrock the symbol of Irish pride for the owner Iran MartinHow Much Experience and Expertise is Required to Install a Floor Properly?

How much experience is enough? This trade is a craft that requires years of experience to perfect the expertise to be able to deliver quality results. Look for a tradesman with a minimum of 10 years of experience.

Tricolor Flooring’s owner Ian Martin, Master Craftsman, has 30 years of experience. He has also attended intensive schooling, performed on-the-job training, and accumulated diverse professional work experience in his career.

shamrock the symbol of irish pride for the owner Iran MartinWhat is the Actual Work Previously Done?

You want to see the finished product– the installed floors. Ask for pictures of previous flooring jobs to view the actual work done.

Tricolor Flooring’s pictures may be seen in the Gallery webpage of just a small sample of jobs completed over 30 years.

The craftsmanship can be seen in almost all beautiful artifacts. A great-looking floor designed and installed properly is a beautiful artifact. It’s also an example of labor performed by a competent artisan that goes beyond a tradesman.


Ian Martin, the owner of Tricolor Flooring, is the yardstick to measure the quality of a First-Class Floor Installer. Ian excels in the four benchmarks of Qualifications, Standards, and Practices, Experience and Expertise, and Actual Work Performed. To learn more about Ian Martin’s background and experience, click on the About webpage to understand why Ian is called the Master Craftsman.

Please call Tricolor Flooring at (813) 645-1201 to schedule your appointment to discuss the details of your flooring project. We use old-world craftsmanship to create floors that are “works-of-art” in the new world of Tampa Bay.

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