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Our Complete Flooring Offering provides a painless approach to get the flooring you want with 100% satisfaction by using our proven end-to-end process.

Get the Quality Flooring You Want and Save Money

The Best Craftsmanship in Tampa Bay with Our Designs and Installations

Great wood flooring makes the room

Great wood flooring makes the room

The most beautiful flooring start by selecting the right flooring. Tricolor Color has a large selection of flooring types and options to get the flooring you want and allow you to save money on durable, high-quality flooring with our expert installation. You can choose flooring from our showroom or shop at home from samples of our premium or quality flooring with our assistance and recommendations based on your requirements, decor plans, and budget. With 30 years of flooring experience, we have the knowledge to help you with all your flooring needs for a single room or your entire house or business. No job is too big or too small.

Tricolor Flooring Installation is integral to our Complete Flooring Offering.

installing carpet

We install carpet to fit edge to edge

There is nothing worst than purchasing high-quality flooring and having an amateur install it with poor alignment, gaps, and shoddy construction. The beautiful high-quality flooring we sell demands superior installation with the best craftsmanship. Our Complete Flooring Offering does the full flooring job with attention to details. We use time-tested old-world master craftsmanship for the best results to create unique floor designs and flawless floor construction that is a work-of-art.

Our installations include sub-flooring preparation, all the materials, design, installation, labor, clean-up, and options such as upgrades molding. Your floor is installed to your complete satisfaction and backed with our 2-year workmanship warranty and support of the manufacturer’s warranty.  We can also implement designer patterns, borders, and medallions, new baseboards, floor molding, chair molding, and crown molding to your specifications. We do the complete job the right way the first time as part of our Complete Flooring Offering. You pay a single price that includes all the materials, labor, and warranty with no hidden fees.

wood flooring installation by tricolor flooring

With our installation, we pay attention to details and do it right the first time

Tricolor Flooring is recognized in Tampa Bay as the local company that uses proven European Craftsmanship for all your flooring needs. Our customers know we are meticulous and do as near-perfect a job as possible. We have over 30 years of international experience installing all flooring types (including wood deck and bathroom remodeling) with superior quality. We install flooring for: residential customers, new home construction, remodel houses, businesses, and commercial buildings from small to very large such as a shopping mall. Our experience covers the full range of different job sites. Our customers vary from young people just starting out in life to everyday hard-working folk to retired seniors to small business owners, executives to movie stars.

Please call us at (813) 645-1201 to discuss how we can apply our Complete Flooring Offering to a single room or an entire house, or a office building.

It would be our pleasure to visit your home or business to help you select your flooring, measure your floor space and provide you with an accurate estimate for the total cost of the projected materials and labor.

Our 6 Step Process Ensures We Do the Best Floor Job

placing the final piece of the flooring problem

Our Step by Step Process ensures quality and satisfaction

Tricolor Flooring’s 6 Step Process is based on helping our customers get the best value possible for their flooring project. We ensure your satisfaction every step of the way of our process. At Tricolor Flooring, we strive to make your floor project a very pleasant and rewarding experience. When we leave, the last piece of the puzzle is your final approval of the entire job done to your satisfaction.

Step 1: Initial Free Consultation, Flooring Measurement(s) & Estimate

tape measure to determine the floor space

The labor is determine by the floor space to be covered, type of flooring, floor preparation and install options

Visit our showroom, or we can visit your home or business to inspect and measure the floor(s). We come up with the best approach to do the design and installation most efficiently. We will assess the infrastructure by examining the sub-flooring, walls, baseboards, checking for moisture, assessing whether the sub-floor is level, and investigating a host of other attributes that affect the construction stability of the floor. We will even check for insect damage. We will give you our expert advice and estimate all labor and point out any possible contingencies for unexpected problems that may arise. Our estimates are good for 30 days. Our estimate depends on the flooring types to be installed, and the design(s) desired, and the amount of flooring for each room.

Step 2: Choosing Your Flooring with up to a 30% Savings

a large collection of flooring samples in tricolor flooring showroom

Tricolor Flooring will help you choose the right flooring for each room

This step will determine the final estimated price and how grand your flooring will be. We will help you select the right flooring for your room(s) that best meets your needs, decor, and budget. We will assist you at our Showroom or visit you at your home or business with premium and quality flooring at prices with a special discount for Tricolor Flooring customers. This part of our service is absolutely free and is a value-added service to help our customers get the best quality flooring at the best price. Your final flooring selection will adjust the final estimated price to include the cost of all materials and any associated labor costs if applicable. You can choose the flooring type and quality flooring from the top name brands in the industry by seeing, handling, and touching our showroom samples. You will never over-pay on quality flooring recommended by us.

Once we determine your flooring selection, we set a date to deliver the flooring, perform the floor design, layout options and do the installation. Tricolor Flooring can also provide upgrades on the baseboard, flooring molding, chair molding, crown molding, etc., at an additional charge.

Step 3: Flooring Material Delivery

We deliver all the flooring material you purchased to your home or business as part of the single Complete Price. We will arrange the delivery dates of the materials with you and start the layout, design, and installation on the same day or the next day. When you purchase the flooring through us, we handle everything for you, along with the floor preparation, design, and installation.

Step 4: Layout and Design

Floor designWe work with you on the floor’s layout and any flooring design(s) ideas you may want to have. Many options are available to choose from the very simple floor design with a simple flooring alignment to professional designs and styles in our design catalog book. We can also create an original design personalized to your personal taste and decor. Our professional designs are optional and reasonably priced to fit what you would like to include in your flooring project. We provide Floor designmany options, from straight flooring to custom borders and medallions to a fully custom-designed floor.

When the design is part of a total package of the interior space, we have the option to bring in our own professional interior designer to provide the full function design services for interior design, as well as a custom floor designer, or we can work with your current interior designer or just with you without a floor designer.

design patterns with tileFor the vast majority of our work, either  Ian Martin, Tricolor Flooring’s Owner, or Brian O’Leary, Tricolor’s Lead Flooring Consultant, will work with you to design and finalize the layout without the need of a professional interior designer. In any case, we show you an illustrative example of the designs, so you get a good idea of what to expect when the floor is installed.

Step 5: Floor Installation

tile installed on the balcony

Tile installation requires skilled manual efforts to get it done right

Our installation may include ancillary supplies for leveling, bonding agents, padding, fabric layer, and possibly other materials necessary for long-term stability and durability that will allow your floor to take punishing of traffic and still remain to look great. Our services will start on the date given with an estimated duration for the entire construction.

The installation process begins with the removal of the old floor and preparation for the new floor. The baseboards are removed to allow the new flooring to be fitted under the baseboard, and floor infrastructure is inspected. Key performance measurements are made, including the amount of moisture and whether the floor is level enough. Next, we may need to reinforcing the sub-floor if necessary or applying a sealant or lie down plywood or filling in cracks, or using a fabric material – this will depend on the worksite and what conditions dictate.

Before and after flooring installation

Floor Preparation is vital for durability and superior install flooring

In any event, floor preparation is a key task we consider vital and performed to ensure the sub-flooring is solid and even, so the new floor will be durable without weakness. Tricolor Flooring double-checks the most 3 critical attributes of load capability, moisture, and flatness. Any problems are addressed and corrected before we proceed any further.

Next, we review the design layout and pattern by a picture or sketch again and may also configure a small sample area on the floor and ask for your opinion, if necessary.

Finally, we place and set the flooring using the right type of bonding agent or using nails or screws if applicable.

We place and set the flooring with the guidance of chalk lines and using an assortment of tools from tape measure, T-Square, plumb-bob, angle square, yardstick, and levels. Our most valued tool is our Master Craftsman’s eye for proportions, straight lines and assessment of correct perpendicularity (right angles), and viewing and comparing the flooring from different perspectives. The actual technique for setting the flooring piece by piece is an old-world method that’s time-tested and requires a trained craftsman’s eye, patience, as well as the proper tools.


Step 6: Clean-up and Final Approval

tricolor flooring installed floor

We walk through the completed job with you

Our closing step is to clean the floor and remove dust, debris, all leftover construction material, and make it look clean and new.  All unused flooring material is given to you to be used in case of future repairs. We walk through the finished job with you and get your “Final approval” before we leave. We provide instructions for the curing process if any.

We will review with you how to care for your new floor(s) using the manufacturer’s recommendations for care and cleaning to keep the warranty.

Visit our Showroom or call (813) 645-1201 for in-home service or get our Free  Estimate.

Please note, free estimates are available for residential and commercial up to 5,000 square feet.


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