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Double Quality


Quality Flooring + Superior Installation =  Double Quality

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Our showroom only carries premium high-quality flooring at discounted prices.
We are open to the general public, contractors, and installers.


We Make it Easy to Select and Install Quality Flooring You Want

Tricolor Flooring Showroom

Tricolor Flooring Showroom 2202 South US 41 Ruskin, FL 33570

Our Tricolor Flooring Showroom is a showcase of top brands for all your flooring needs. We provide a large selection of high-quality flooring at wholesale prices that are easy to maintain and durable to last a lifetime. You can choose from wood, stone, tile, carpeting & rugs, vinyl, and accessories to complement your flooring. We make it easy for you by either shopping at our showroom or call us to shop at home — we will bring samples to you.


Tricolor Flooring’s Double-Quality Job

The double-quality job is the marriage of high-quality flooring with our superior quality installation. Don’t settle for just one or the other. Tricolor Flooring ensures you get both as a double-quality job for a single reasonable price. We do the complete job right the first time and stand behind our work with a 2 year warranty plus the manufacturer’s warranty that may range from 10 years to a lifetime.


Overview of Our Most Popular Flooring

We are experts at helping our customers select the flooring they want. floor design and providing superior installation of  high-quality flooring that will last:

    • Vinyl
      • Different Visual appearances, textures & colors
      • Wood-look-alike
      • Natural Mineral-look-alike
    • Carpet
      • Wall to Wall Carpeting
      • Carpet tiles
      • Carpet Supplements & Padding
    • Tile
      • Ceramic
      • Porcelain
      • Travertine
      • Mosaics
    •  Wood
      • Engineered Wood
      • Hard Wood
      • Bamboo
      • Exotic Wood
    • Laminate
      • Simulated wood types
      • Different Grains & colors
    • Flooring Compliments & Accessories
      • Wall Molding & Trim, Chair Molding  & Crown Molding
      • End molding, T molding, Reducer Molding, Stairnose molding & Stairtread molding

We invite you to come to our showroom to see and touch our flooring samples and discuss with our sales your shopping list and any question you may have. Visit our showroom or call us at (813) 645-1201 to set up an appointment to shop at home service.

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