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Were you ever impressed just by looking at a floor?

parkay flooring installed

Parkay Flooring is a high-quality flooring we recommend

Not often. But sometimes, you see a floor that’s simply beautiful. You can almost look into the floor and see another reality with deep reflections of light or the clean unblemished fibers of the rug. It is something to behold. It changes the whole decor of the room; giving it a clean and orderly look, making the room seem bigger — giving it a rich and luxurious impression.

It’s fascinating the way your floor can harmonize with the coloring of the walls, window treatments, fabrics, compliment the furniture, while at the same time impose the character you want. Your floor is a work of art that’s enjoyed by all, residents and visitors alike. As for visitors, this can make a long-lasting impression of a little feeling of envy and passing thought, “This floor is exquisite!“.

What makes your floor an experience to be treasured?

Parkay Flooring we have installed

Parkay Flooring we have installed

It’s not really about cost – In fact, Tricolor Flooring is more reasonable than you may think. Most of our customers actually see a saving, between 10% to 30% on quality flooring materials. This is because Tricolor Flooring provides free advice to help you select flooring at the best prices. The main reason your experience will be treasured and your floor considered to be a work-of-art, all come down to the quality of construction and superior craftsmanship. Today, it’s out of the ordinary, to see and walk on a floor meticulously planned, designed, and constructed using old-world techniques. It’s an exception to find a tradesman with an attitude of painstaking labor towards perfection, focus on details, and devoting the time to do it right. These days service people are often in a hurry to rush the job. Fine points and particulars are often overlooked and defects in workmanship are common and are sometimes not even readily apparent to the layman’s eye, until after the tradesman leaves.

tricolor flooring installed floor

We walk through the completed job with you

Not so, if Tricolor Flooring does the job. Our reputation is based on old fashion work ethics and flawless implementation. Your flooring is laid by a professional who cares. Ian Martin, owner and Master Craftsman takes pride in every finished floor Tricolor Flooring does. He stands behind all work with his Tricolor Flooring 100% Workmanship Guarantee and Five Year Warranty. All flooring work must meet Tricolor’s Standards of Excellence before your project is completed. In addition, Tricolor Flooring always finishes the job within the budget quoted and on time as stated — even if we have to work through the night — with no if’s or but’s – we honor our commitments and value your business.

When you choose Tricolor Flooring for your flooring needs — Ian will take good care of you and ensure his team gives your project the attention it deserves. He will personally manage your installation from start to finish including clean-up. After the job is done, Ian often waits to hear the words from customers like yourself, “Well done and the floor is beautiful!“.

To get started on your flooring project immediately, please call us, email us, simply fill out our online Contact Form or Click on Quick Quote. There is never any sales pressure.

Let’s set an appointment to personally meet Ian and discuss your ideas. Our free consultation includes analysis of the flooring site, assessment of your flooring needs, recommendations and advice, and a quote from Tricolor Flooring to do the job. Tricolor’s aim is to help you with valuable advice and tell you what Tricolor can do to solve your flooring problem.


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