Rachelle-Tricolor Flooring Operations Manager

Rachelle-Tricolor Flooring Operations Manager

2019 is the year to get that new floor you have been dreaming about. Call me — Rachelle, “Your Answer Girl” for all your flooring needs and get the best prices and top quality craftsmanship in the Tampa Bay area.

I am ready to help you with the planning, design, installation, colors and selection of beautiful and durable flooring from carpeting to ceramic tile to porcelain planks to high quality engineered wood flooring. I’ll make really easy to get that floor you have been waiting for.

By the way, we have a vinyl flooring with a fantastic appeal by our customers. It looks like wood or a natural mineral. We have a large selection of different visual appearances, textures and colors. This vinyl flooring that definitely doesn’t look like vinyl can be even installed over the old tile flooring for a lower installation cost. The wonderful thing about this phenomena is that many of our customers that can afford a lot more are buying it. Many of the brands come with a 15 to 30 year warranty. This vinyl flooring product may be the right flooring solution for you at a great price to save you money.

Call me on (813) 645-1201. I’m Rachelle your answer girl.

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