IMG_1957The weather definitely hasn’t been the greatest for us Floridians lately.  Sometimes our building structures are not exactly built for the amount of rain we’ve been experiencing.

Therefore, unfortunately leaks in your buildings and homes leads to potential damage to your existing floors.

Water can travel under your floor without you even noticing it and start to ruin your subfloor.  This is a nightmare for laminates, solid wood, and even engineered hardwood floors…not to mention your baseboards.

Even if you think you  have absorbed all the water that has leaked onto your floors…the damage could already be done.  Over time, black spots (mold) will appear on your wood floors in all different areas due to underlying water leaks and warping will start on your laminates causing it to slowly deteriorate.

Can’t predict the unexpected home disasters that may come along but here at Tricolor Flooring we can help turn your frown upside down with our FREE estimates and our high level of flooring expertise, along with budget friendly flooring and quality installations.

Give us a call TODAY 813-645-1201 or stop into our showroom – Monday thru Friday 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. – Saturdays by appointment.


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