At Tricolor Flooring, we are proud to announce that we are an authorized dealer for CPF Floors products. CPF Floors is committed to excellence, which is reflected in our extensive inventory and the quality of our flooring products, which are meticulously curated to meet the diverse demands and preferences of our Florida customers.

Tricolor Flooring has partnered with CPF Floors to provide everything our customers need to bring their flooring renovation projects to fruition. From getting the flooring, you want fast to ordering samples of our beautiful designs to get inspiration and ideas to make your dreams come true, explore all that CPF Floors has to offer with its vast inventory!

CPF Floor is just one of many vendors that Tricolor Flooring partners with to get the precise flooring that our customers want and then Tricolor Flooring provides superior installation with a full warranty.

Click on the picture below to view some of CPF Floor products:


CPF Foor - Vinyl Flooring products

CPF Foor – Vinyl Flooring

CPF Floor -Laminate floor products

CPF Floor -Laminate

cpt floor vinyl flooring

CPF Floor -Baseboards

CPF Floor -Moldings products

CPF Floor -Moldings

cpf floor steps

CPF Floor -Steps

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