Our Top Brands – Versini Flooring and Forest Accents Flooring

Versini Flooring

Versini Engineered Wood Flooring comes in assortment of designs and styles

Versini Engineered Wood Flooring comes in an assortment of designs and styles

Tricolor Flooring recommends Versini Flooring, as well as, other quality flooring brands. Versini’s passion for quality and design can be easily seen in Versini’s extensive collection of designs and unique styles. The Versini artisans painstakingly craft beautiful floors with advanced technologies. Versini Flooring is recognized as the finest quality hardwood flooring you can buy. Versini has developed the best practices in wood milling and fine Italian finishing to create magnificent results.

Distress Engineered Wood Flooring

Real Wood Distress Engineered Wood Flooring from Versini has a design to fit any taste

As the largest manufacturers of wood flooring in the world, Versini is the leader of the “Green Movement” of flooring. They produce more flooring by using special renewable techniques and recycled wood materials than anyone else in the world. Versini products are made from domestic and exotic trees for both traditional strip flooring and wide planks. A very popular style is Versini’s hand-crafted scraped and distressed floor designs to look and feel like seasoned aged wood. Distress designs offer exceptional wear and durability capabilities.

Versini smooth finished engineered wood floors

Versini smooth-finished engineered wood floors have a color for your decor

Versini hardwood selections offer the options of hand-inlaid borders, design patterns, and decorative sections. Versini leads the industry with the newest commercial-grade acrylic infused hardwood floors for optimum durability. Versini provides an excellent warranty on most of its flooring products depending on construction and quality specifications:
Structural Warranty: Lifetime
Finish Warranty (Residential): 25 Year
Finish Warranty (Commercial): 5 Year

Forest Accents

bamboo engineered wwood flooring

Accent Forest bamboo engineered wood flooring

Forest Accents harvests selective bamboo from forests of Southern China, Western Africa, Northern Brazil, and other areas of the world for the most beautiful and highest quality hardwoods. Wood is chosen for its striking beauty, radiant colors, and handsome graining.

Forest Accents’ engineered wood flooring is affordable with a variety of construction methods from glue down directly over concrete to staple down over existing plywood subfloor.

These engineered floors have a cross-ply construction design to reduce the natural expansion and contraction of wood, which adds to their appeal to use in regions with significant variations in relative humidity, such as Florida.

versini wood flooring

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versini hardwood flooring display

Engineered Hardwood Flooring from Versini

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