Is it time to replace your old carpet and give your home a fresh new look? Well then go no further, call Tricolor Flooring today for a great value in high quality residential or commercial carpetting. (Indoor or Outdoor).

New Carpet serves many purposes. It can absorb sound, reduce allergens, save energy and costs. We have what you are looking for to match your home’s decor and style. We can bring samples to you, or you can come to our showroom and pick out the carpet you want. We can get the job done fast.

Tricolor has professional installers that will take care of everything from A-Z. After your free estimate, we will order and deliver your carpet, move any furniture if needed, rip out the old, install the new, clean up any messes and dispose of the old carpet. We provide a warranty, so if there are any problems you can call us back to come fix it.

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