Tricolor Flooring's 100% Workmanship Guarantee and
Two Year Warranty

100% Workmanship Guarantee on Our Installations & Designs

Tricolor Flooring seal of excellentSince Tricolor Flooring is so confident in the quality of installation delivered, we proudly offer 100% Workmanship Guarantee of Service Quality of our Floor Installation and Craftsmanship.

This provides you with reassurance that your flooring is installed to perfection without shortcuts We stand behind our quality installation for 2 years – guarantee: no install errors or mistakes, no inaccuracy where the floor meets the baseboard, no design mistakes because the workman was in a hurry, no oversights due to poor planning and no material faults installed because the workman didn’t care the material was defective.

Tricolor Flooring will correct free of charge any defect or flaw in workmanship or craftsmanship. We do a final walkthrough with our customers pointing-out key areas of challenge. We also ask get the customer to approve the installation and the quality of craftsmanship before we leave the premises.

Many times a wall or a cabinet is not straight and we do our best to compensate for these existing structural anomalies the best we can with tricks we have learned to deemphasize their appearance. Finally as part of our service, we clean up all construction debris and dust leaving your place neat and orderly. bedroom floor

Two Year Warranty

We provide a Two Year Warranty protecting the new floor installation from cracks, buckling and shifting due to any incorrect installation. We provide free services to repair and correct any problems. But, we don’t cover material defects on flooring due to the Manufacture's Warranty unless we have sold you the flooring from our Tricolor Flooring Showroom. Please note we do NOT cover repairs caused by settling and temperature change or any aspect due to subfloor weakness or failure. We also DO NOT cover accidents, mistreatment or natural disasters.

Tricolor Flooring Does The Whole Job - With Old World Quality

Tricolor Flooring's 5 Step Process is based on helping our customers get the best value possible for their flooring project. final piece of the puzzle is your floor is just the way you want it,We ensure your satisfaction every step of the way by this unique process. At Tricolor Flooring, we strive to make your floor project a very pleasant and rewarding experience. When we leave, the final piece of the puzzle is your approval that the job was done the way you wanted it.

Step 1: Free Consultation & Measure the Floor Area

We visit your home to inspect and measure the floor(s). We come up with the best approach to do the design and installation in the most efficient way. Our Master Craftsman will assess the infrastructure by examining the subflooring, walls, baseboards, checking for moisture, assessing whether the sub-floor is level and investigating a host of other attributes that affect the construction durability of the floor. We will even check for insect damage. We will provide you with valued advice and provide an estimate of all labor and point-out any possible contingencies for unexpected problems that may surface. Our estimates are good for 30 days.

Step 2: Consultant at Our Showroom with up to a 30% Savings

If you choose us for your Flooring project, we will guide you to select the right flooring for your room(s) that best meets your needs and decor. We will assist you at our Showroom with premium and quality flooring at wholesale prices with a special discount for Tricolor Flooring customers. This part of our service is absolutely free and is a value added service to help our customers get the best deal possible on quality flooring. You can choose quality flooring from the top name brands in the industry by seeing, handling and touching samples in our Showroom. Our flooring recommendations are based on best quality and not on over-paying. Next, we set a date to deliver the flooring, perform the floor design, layout options and installation.

Step 3: Flooring Material Delivery

We deliver all the flooring material you purchased at our Showroom to your home as part of the single Complete Package Price. Tricolor Flooring will make arrange the delivery dates of the materials with you. When you purchase the flooring through us, we handle everything for you along with the floor design and installation.

Step 4: Design and Layout

design patternWe work with you on the design and layout of the floor. There are many options available to choose from the very simple floor design that's free to professional designs and styles in our design catalogue book. We can also create an original design personalized to your personal taste and style. All of our professional designs are optional and are reasonably priced to fit what you would like to include in your flooring project. We provide many options from straight flooring to custom borders and medallions to a fully custom designed floor.

design patternWhere the design is part of a total package of the interior space, we have the option to bring in our own professional interior designer to provide the full function design services for interior design, as well as, a custom floor designer or we can work with your current interior designer or without a floor designer. For the vast majority of our work,design pattern Ian, our Master Craftsman works with you to design and finalize the layout without the need of a professional designer. In any case we show you an illustrative example of designs, so you get a good idea what to expect when the floor is finished.

Step 5: Floor Installation

Our installation includes ancillary supplies for leveling, bonding agents and possibly other materials necessary for long term durability that will allows your floor to take punishing of traffic and still remain looking great. Our services will start on the date given with an estimated duration for the entire construction.

The installation process begins with the removial of the old floor and preparation for the new floor. The baseboards are removed to allow the new flooring to be fitted under the baseboard and floor infrastructure is inspected and key measurements made including the amount of moisture and whether the floor is level. Next, we may need to reinforcing the sub-floor if necessary or applying a sealant or laying down plywood or a fabric - this will depend on the worksite and what conditions dictate. In any event, floor preparation is a key task we consider vital and perform to ensure the subflooring is stable, so the new floor will be durable and long-lasting. Tricolor Flooring double checks the most 3 critical attributes of load capability, moisture and flatness. Any problems are addressed and corrected before we proceed any further.

Next we review the design layout and pattern by a picture or sketch again and may also configure a small sample area on the floor and ask for your opinion, if necessary.

Finally, we place and set the flooring using the right type of bonding agent or using nails or screws if applicable. t-square to used ensure the flooring is straightWe place and set the flooring with the guidance of chalk lines and using an assortment of tools from tape measure, T-Square, plumb-bob, angle square, yard stick and levels. Our most valued tool is our Master Craftsman's eye for proportions, straight lines and assessment of correct perpendicularity and viewing and comparing the flooring from different perspectives. The actual technique for setting the flooring piece by piece is an old world method that's time tested and requires a trained craftsman's eye, as well as tools.

Our closing step is to clean the floor and remove dust, debris, all left over construction material and make it look clean and new. All unused flooring material is given to you to be used in case of future repairs. We walk-through of the finished job with you and get your approval before we leave. We provide instructions for the curing process and how to care for the floor. using the manufacture's recommendations for care and cleaning.

Please visit our Showroom or call (813) 645-1201 for in-home service or for an appointment for a free professional measurement of your room(s). Please note, free estimates are available for residential and commercial up to 1,000 square feet.