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Doing business with us is an easy and friendly experience. This is because the owner loves his job and looks at his craft as an art form. We are a Tampa Bay small business with world class expertise in all types of flooring and installation that you wouldn't expect to find locally. We sell premium and quality flooring and will advise you of selection of color, style and features. Tricolor Flooring's owner and Master Craftsman, Ian Martin is involved in every flooring project. He will take personal take care of your flooring job, as if it was his floor in his house. Tricolor Flooring provides the best quality flooring and craftsmanship possible-- guaranteed.
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Tricolor Flooring' 5 Step Install Process was developed to ensure the job goes smoothly and to your satisfaction from start to finish. It starts with purchasing of premium or high quality flooring at discount prices. You will receive a professional estimate that includes all the labor to perform a complete and superior quality floor installation with no shortcuts. You may purchase our high-graded flooring from us and we will provide you with a single Complete Package Price that includes our famous installation. Or we can just perform our services of great quality installation and you purchase the flooring independently of us. Whether, you buy the flooring from Tricolor Flooring or on your own, our unsurpassed quality craftsmanship is what makes us different. The job is done according to old world standards - with pride of accomplishment.
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Our flooring expertise includes free consultation at our Showroom in Ruskin, FL, design, installation, repair and refinishing. Tricolor Flooring is insured, bonded and licensed and serves the Hillsborough, Sarasota, Pinellas, and Pasco areas. If you want the job done right - with no excuses according to your ideas and specification, call us. We focus on details and quality workmanships at a reasonable price. We have extensive experience with custom work and working with world class designers.

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shamrock to represent Irish backgroundPhoto of Ian Martin - Master CraftsmanTricolor Flooring's owner and Master Craftsman, Ian Martin has over 20 years of experience & expertise in flooring, repairs, refinishing, design and installation. Unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship in every job is what makes us different.

Ian is trained in Europe with old-fashion work ethics to do an excellent job and ensure complete customer satisfaction before leaving the work site. As a flooring expert, he will give you the best quote possible.
Call Tricolor Flooring for a free consultation and to meet Ian, (813) 645-1201.

For some of our jobs, Tricolor Flooring will employ experienced subscontractors with tiling licenses. Ian ensures all the work is done to his high quality standards.

Take the Cook's Tour with Ian Martin,
as he walks-through a Flooring Installation Project under construction in Brandon, FL

Watch both videos as Ian gives a tour of a 3 story townhouse renovated with Eucalyptus Engineered Wood Floors

When the floor design and installation has to be done right with precision and impeccable quality at a reasonable price -- you need to call Ian Martin, the Master Craftsman.

Ian has earned a reputation of trust and world class service that you wouldn't expect to find in the Tampa Bay area. Ian is a dedicated artisan that's driven by the "pursuit of excellence". You will know exactly what this means when you hire him for your next flooring project.

tricolor flooring new service - Carpet installationTricolor Flooring Now Installs Carpeting

Tricolor Flooring offers a full line of flooring options to better serve our customers. Many of our customers have begged us to "please install carpeting", once they have experienced the excellent craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail of our installation of: tile, laminate, wood, or engineered wood flooring.

Due to customer pressure, we have conceded -- Tricolor Flooring now installs carpeting with the same quality of service and workmanship using our Tricolor Flooring Standards of Excellence as you would get with our regular hard material installations.

It's easy to get your dream floor with any custom features you want. Please call us to get a free estimate. We proudly provide perfect workmanship starting on the very first work visit.

Whether you want carpeting installed or an unique floor design with different materials, medallions and fancy borders or just a simple tile or wood floor installation -- we do it all with perfect craftsmanship to your specifications.

Complete Carpet Installation

We install all types of carpet and rugs with our advanced flooring install techniques. Please note we don't sell carpeting. Our new service is simply the expert installation of carpeting that's fully guaranteed free of installation workmanship defects. Our wall-to-wall install service starts with calculating flooring dimensions for each section, planning the layout and install process for each material section, measuring moisture, floor preparation, inclusion of an under layer moisture barrier if needed, padding properly fitted, carpet cut, stretched and affixed to sub-straights and the work area is thoroughly cleaned by removal of old and construction debris and vacuumed of dust and dirt. We always do a complete job that's done according to our quality standards!

Tricolor Flooring -- for "All Your Flooring Needs"

Tricolor Floor LogoTricolor Flooring provides superior installation for all your flooring needs for your entire house or business. In addition, we provide one-stop-shop services for all your flooring installation that may also include new or repair of: baseboard, woodwork, chair railing and crown molding as part of our comprehensive service offering. You choose what you want to include in the floor installation job.

Call Ian, Master Craftsman, on (813) 645-1201 for a estimate (free estimates are available for residential and commercial up to 1,000 square feet.) for your next flooring project, whether one room or an entire house or a business. -- We Do It All -- When Comes to Flooring!